International Cosplay League

What is International Cosplay League?

International Cosplay League is an international cosplay competition created and organized by Japan Weekend – the largest event of this type in Spain. 

Once again, at RYUCON 2024, Polish representatives will be selected in the SOLO and DUO categories to face the teams of 11 countries from three different continents in Madrid during the finals.

What is the competition system?

We choose a duo and a soloist. A duet is based on performance (60% performance and 40% artistry) and a solo is entirely based on artistry, so performance is not required. In the final, everyone in the SOLO category will perform on the catwalk to music selected by the organizer, and then the cosplay performances in the DUO category will begin.

Do you want to contribute to the development of the International Cosplay League in Poland?

Take part in the national qualifiers for the International Cosplay League! This is the second year in a row that cosplayers from all over the country will come to Krakow to compete for the opportunity to represent Poland in an international competition. The winners will go to Madrid in September 2023 for the Japan Week festival to compete with cosplayers from other countries in two categories – SOLO and DUO.

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