Sharon has been actively involved in the cosplay community since 2014: from the role of an event participant to the function of an organizer 💪! Currently, apart from typical convention activities, he also cooperates with the Municipal Public Library in Wrocław, co-creating a series of meetings called “Cosplay Academy”, where he talks about his hobby, invites interesting guests and shares cosplay knowledge 😃

Her portfolio boasts several awards won in national cosplay competitions – she is most proud of the Grand Prix at Opolcon 2021 and the best-made costume in terms of sewing at Xmas 2023. She is also part of a large fan project – you may associate her as a member of One Piece Island ⛵

Her specialty is cosplay tailoring – she loves sewing, creating and modeling patterns and beautifully finishing costumes 👗. I also feel good in cosplay makeup and wig styling. The greatest attention will be paid to these three elements of work on the costume when assessing the competition participants 🧐

Privately, she is addicted to coffee and sweet stuffed animals, a lover of dogs of all kinds and a collector of manga and comics – her collection currently consists of over 1,200 volumes 🤯