Safety and Prevention

Safety and Prevention on Ryucon 2024

I - Building

  1. Tauron Arena Kraków is the largest entertainment and sports hall in Poland. Each event taking place at the facility, including Ryucon, must meet all occupational health and safety and fire protection requirements.
  2. The facility is monitored 24/7.
  3. TAURON Arena is equipped with air conditioning. It will be running throughout the duration of the convention..
  4. In case of any danger, follow the marked evacuation routes to the nearest exit..

II - Volunteers

  1. Thanks to the “Shenlong” foundation, over 80 volunteers will ensure the proper course and security of the event.
  2. Each volunteer will receive a volunteering contract and a certificate of volunteering.
  3. Each volunteer will receive food and accommodation.
  4. Volunteers’ duties will not exceed a total of 18 hours during the 3 days of the convention.
  5. During duty hours, volunteers will be recognizable to you thanks to special T-shirts with the Ryucon logo and special ID badges.
  6. If you have any problems or questions regarding HR, please write to

III - Organization

  1. Our organizing team consists of over 20 people. Each organizer will have an appropriate color wristband and a T-shirt with the Ryucon logo (different from the volunteer one).
  2. The security of the event will be supervised by a professional security agency with approximately 40 employees. Security will check the luggage of every person entering the event area, and will also regularly patrol all places where convention attractions will take place.
  3. The convention area will be secured by two professional medical patrols. Additionally, you will find a medical point and a fully equipped ambulance, which will greatly facilitate all assistance and rescue operations in the event of a threat to life or health.
  4. Every minor is required to have their parent’s consent to enter the convention. You can find the parental consent template on our website: LINK
  5. The main stage of TAURON Arena Kraków will feature only a stage and stands. This room is isolated well enough so that the noise does not affect the discomfort of the work of exhibitors (who will be located in the Small Hall and the corridor around the Large Arena) and excessive noise in the attractive rooms.
  6. During the convention, a helpline will be opened, where you will be able to contact a qualified person in the field of psychology.
  7. The convention takes place in July. There is a risk of very high temperatures outside the building. To avoid standing in the sun for too long, we will open several accreditation stations for you. Additionally, pre-accreditation will be launched on Friday, July 5, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. All people who purchase a ticket before the convention will be able to collect the wristband also during these hours before the start of the convention.
  8. You can bring water and your own non-alcoholic drinks to the convention area to help you stay properly hydrated.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol, psychoactive substances and dangerous tools to the event area. Low-proof drinks are available for purchase on site only in designated areas and for adults.
  10. All important telephone numbers, including those for security and medics, can be found on the back of the ID badge that each participant will receive.

IV - Participants

Even the best organized and secured event cannot rule out the occurrence of random events or inappropriate behavior of other people. It is very important that each of you is attentive and takes care of yourself. We would like to share with you some tips that will make you feel safer.

  1. Do not leave open drinks or food unattended.
  2. Do not take with you any items that could cause harm.
  3. Try to come to the convention with someone you trust.
  4. If you observe a disturbing incident, immediately report it to security staff, volunteers or organizers.
  5. If you notice that someone next to you feels bad or a life-threatening situation occurs, inform the medical patrol as soon as possible or go to a medical point.
  6. It may happen that some situation you encounter during Ryucon will cause you great mental discomfort. Do not hesitate to call the helpline or ask a person from security or an organization for help.
  7. The convention lasts 3 days (29 hours in total) and several thousand people will participate in it. It may happen that being in such a large group of people for such a long time will make you tired. In order to prevent such situations, we encourage you to go to places where there will be fewer people and it will be quieter. Right next to TAURON Arena you will find the Arena Garden zone, where there are food trucks and places to sit. Just behind the Arena Garden there is the Polish Pilots Park, which is a perfect place to relax for the inhabitants of Krakow.
  8. Set an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number on your phone. Just add these 3 letters before the contact name on your phone! ICE is the telephone number to contact if an accident happens to you.
  9. Don’t contribute to the spread of disinformation. We live in times where the flow of information is almost instantaneous. Spreading disinformation can lead to many unpleasant and dangerous events, such as unnecessary panic or fear. If you hear a rumor and want to spread it, make sure it’s true. You can always get information from the organizers or the relevant services that will be at the convention.
  10. Remember that in the event of an accident, the most important thing is the health and safety of the injured person. If you know this person, never share his name, surname or nickname WITHOUT HIS EXPRESS CONSENT. Keep in mind that you may expose such a person to additional stress when the most important aspect is to recover as quickly as possible.
  11. Cosplay is not consent! If you appreciate the contribution and skills of a person in cosplay and would like to take a photo with them or shake hands, always ask them for permission!
  12. Remember about proper nutrition and hydration. We all know that at the convention you will meet many great people and spend time on engaging attractions that can absorb you for several hours. During this time, do not forget to eat meals regularly and, above all, adequately hydrate your body. The temperature in July in Krakow can even exceed 30 degrees.