We would like to introduce you to another guest of the convention and a person who will sit on the jury of the qualifying rounds for the International Cosplay League 🌟

✨ Nikita is a French cosplayer, she has always been passionate about anime, fantastic films, comics and manga. She fell in love with cosplay in high school. 🎨 Currently studying art, wanting to become a designer.

🎭 She debuted in 2006. In 2008 and 2010 she represented France at the World Cosplay Summit. 🌍 Additionally, she won competitions such as: ECG – Extreme Cosplay Gathering 2015 🏆, Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2017. 🏅

As a guest of conventions, he travels all over the world 🌏 and often serves as a juror in cosplay competitions.

Nearly 200,000 people follow her on Instagram 📸, 400,000 on TikTok 🎥 and 100,000 on Facebook 👍.

The community appreciates her for her costumes, attention to detail, great acting and the versatility of the characters she chooses. 👗🎭

🖐️ All her 130 cosplays were handmade with passion and fun. 🎉 Her new 2020 book “Self-Made Prin-cess” 📖 will put every cosplayer into a fairy-tale dream. She loves sharing her techniques and secrets on how to create the perfect princess costume. 👑

She is also one of the most professional cosplayers in the world, with partners such as stores 🏬, fabric brands 🧵, video game publishers 🎮, Cool Japan program.