Masatoshi Ono Concert

Concert Masatoshi Ono on Ryucon 2024!

Masatoshi Ono will play his concert on Saturday, July 6 at 5 p.m. The creator of legendary openings for such anime series as:

– Hunter X Hunter (Opening 1 – “Departure!”)

– Dragon Ball Kai (Opening 6 – “Fight It Out”)

He started his career in 1992, where he created the song “Be Pure” on SONY RECORDS.

In 2006, he opened his own music school, where he became a voice coach.

In 2009, he joined the band GALNERYOUS, in which he became the vocalist. Then, together with his team, he created the ending theme for the Hunter x Hunter series in 2012. The same year, the band released the book “The Book That Can Produce High Tones That Surpass the Limits”. The production gained great acclaim as an instructional book.

Currently, he still works as a solo vocalist and vocalist of the band GALNERYOUS, and also teaches classes at his school.

Hunter x Hunter Opening 1 - Departure!