Lily on the Moon

Lily on the Moon is a French cosplayer. Since 2009, and hand made over a hundred costumes !

Her universe, filled with comic books, movies, videogames, TV show but mostly Disney cosplays, is a lovely world to follow.  

She was able to travel to many conventions all across the world thanks to Cosplay.

In 2015, she created Just Cosplay Things in collaboration with videographer Omaru: a series of short humorous videos bringing together funny stories experienced by all cosplayers.

In 2018, she flew to China with her cosplayers team to play a show on the theme of Beauty and The Beast.

Renamed Once Upon a Show, they were able to play it again in October 2023 and have so many new plans for the future !

Lily on the Moon is also a professional make-up artist, so don’t hesitate to ask her for advice and to exchange tips at her booth, where you will also found her prints or just have a selfie together !