Board Games and Chillroom

The board game room of the Kregulec Club – you don’t need to explain what it is. Our assortment includes games tailored to the participants, both in terms of interests and entry threshold. So, you can play the classic Catan or Munchkin with us. There will also be thematic games such as Attack on Titan and Naruto. And for those more eager to play, we have prepared euro games like Baragge.
Something else? Yeah. Tournaments. Classic, right?

Chill zone.
Chill, as you can read in the dictionary, means nothing more or less than chill out.
Then the most important thing is to find the right place. Preferably full of fluff, peace…
The chill zone is a corner prepared for those looking for respite from the convent (or everyday) bustle. You can therefore sit down for a moment and delve into the depths of manga and comics from the available library. However, the chill doesn’t end there. You can play killing games… I mean integration games.
Moreover, an essential element of rest is food. These can also be obtained in the form of oyakata.